Painter, sculptress. Born in Caluso,Turin
(Italy) 16.11.1940.
Lives and works in Milan. Academy of
Fine Arts in Milan and graduated in
History of Art in Bologna. Art Therapist.
Specialization in Museology and
Museography, University of Architecture
in Milan. Solo international exhibitions
since 1968 (n.50). After a long period
devoted to geometrical and structural
Art (1968-1978) and a conceptual period
(1978-1982) where the idea of absence
was dominating , she has directed her
research (since 1982 up to now) towards
the sign/ the written word as a way to
gain back memory.
Writing/sign/calligraphy: expressions of
an interior world often associated to
music, poetry, archaic languages of the
One of her tallest bronze public
sculptures 'Meeting of Memories' is
permanently exhibited at the Public
Hospital 'Camelot' in Gallarate/Varese